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NIK Blood Urine Combo Kit 25 tests

NIK Blood Urine Combo Kit 25 tests
Item# NIK-BU-3
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Blood Urine Combo Kit

The Blood Urine Combo Kit 25 tests are designed specifically for testing the drug and alcohol quantity in a body. It is an in-vitro and drug testing collection kit. This combo kit offers multiple tools that help to find out the traces of blood in the urine and also if there are any minute traces of drugs present in there. This kit contains one 50 ml Urine bottle, two 10 ml vacuum tubes (containing 20 mg Sodium Fluoride and 10 mg EDTA), and instructions on how to use, and also all the required forms, certificates, and seals.

NIK-BU-3, SKU: 1006505

  • (Previously NIK 4000-1)
  • NIK-BU-3, NIK-BU3, NIK BU-3, NIK BU3, BU-3, BU 3, BU3

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