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  • Disposable ID Tent Marker

    Disposable ID Tent Marker
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    Disposable ID Tent Marker. This product was developed by Evi-Paq® to be an adaptable, flexible and cost-effective way to mark evidence. Each marker features a reference scale along the bottom with markings in metric on one side and inches on the other. The ID Tent features a large “P” and “L” which can be circled to indicate that the item has been photographed and logged prior to collection. The ID Tents also have a center brace that ensures that the ID Tent remains standing and doesn’t sag. For additional stability, the brace has a perforated hole in the center where a crime scene flag can be placed, anchoring the Disposable ID Tent to the ground. After all work has been done at the crime scene, the markers can simply be disposed of.

    Each individually wrapped pack includes 100 disposable markers. Numbers and letters can be written on each scale using a pen or marker.

    Features and Benefits: Perfect for use at bloody crime scenes - Can be discarded after use, no clean-up necessary.

    Ideal for mass casualty scenes – or scenes with hundreds of pieces of evidence.

    Made of heavy-duty white corrugated cardboard.

    Comes flat for easy storage.

    Simply fold and lock into place for quick, easy use.

    Unique locking-mechanism prevents tent from unfolding.

    Stands 5 ½" tall when tented. Each surface is 4" x 6" with space at bottom for notes.

    Indications "P" for Photographed and "L" for Logged can be checked off as tasks are performed.

    Hole at top can be used with Evidence Marker Flags or Multi-Color Flags.

    Includes reference scales in metric on one side and inches on the other


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