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  • Gen I Monocular Night Vision

    Gen I Monocular Night Vision
    Item# BUS-260300
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    Night Vision 2.5x42mm Gen 1 Monocular Built-In IR - Lightweight monocular with a high sensitivity audio boom microphone and headphone will detect sounds up to 90 yards away

  • Magnification X Obj Lens 2.5 x 42
  • Viewing Range (ft. / m) 4-600 / 1.2-183
  • Field of View (ft@1000 yds / m@1000m) 79 / 26
  • Infrared Illuminator Built-In
  • Battery Type 2 AA (not included)
  • Size (in / mm) 6.7 x 3.7 x 2.7 170 x 95 x 70
  • Weight (oz/g) 17 / 482

    Night Vision Uses
  • Security and surveillance
  • Search and rescue

    Tech Talk about Night Vision

    An optical device comprised of high-quality image intensifier tubes and optics that amplify existing light to allow you to see in conditions too dark for the naked eye.

    How Does It Work? Available light (energy) is collected by the objective lens and focused on the image intensifier. Inside the intensifier a photocathode is "excited" by the light and converts the energy into electrons. The electrons accelerate across an electrostatic field inside the intensifier and strike a phosphor screen (like a monochrome TV screen) which emits an image that you can see. This acceleration of electrons provides gain and enhances the image.

    Generation 1 Does not require an active infrared light source. Instead it amplifies available ambient light.

    Night Vision Monocular A Night Vision device for use with one eye.

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