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  • RT Corona Truck Escape Belt

    RT Corona Truck Escape Belt
    Item# RT-701021X
    Regular price: $90.00
    Sale price: $70.20
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    Rescuetech Corona Truck Escape Belt Standard Nylon Belt Made to meet NFPA Class I Ladder Escape Belt standards, the Nylon Escape Belt is the perfect economical substitution for our Kevlar Truck Belt. Belt is easily secured around waist using unique double locking snap hook and "D" ring adjuster. Can be used as an equipment belt for carrying axes or forcible entry tools. Two light weight V-rings slide along belt to secure escape rope system. Retro-reflective striping on Gold unit.

    Available Options:

  • RT-701021 Color Black Size 26inch-32inch
  • RT-701031 Color Black Size 35inch-50inch
  • RT-701022 Color Gold Size 26inch-32inch
  • RT-701032 Color Gold Size 35inch-50inch
  • Sku: RT-701021, RT701021, RT 701021 RT-701031, RT701031, RT 701031 RT-701022, RT701022, RT 701022 RT-701032, RT701032, RT 701032

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