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ASP Diposable Restraint Cutter Cuts All Brand Flex Cuffs

ASP Scarab Cutter for Flexible Disposable Restraints
ASP Scarab Cutter for Flexible Disposable Restraints
Item# ASP-56225
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ASP Scarab Cutter for Flexible Disposable Restraints
Scarab Cutter for ASP Tri-Folds

ASP Disposable Handcuff Scarab Cutter for Tri-Folds Reduces Liability and eliminate accidents when cutting away disposoable handcuffs. The unique design uses compound leverage and piercing blade to promote safe removal of disposable restraints. Recessed blade cannot injure subject.

The smooth, low profile design of the Scarab 6225 locks in the closed position and can be easily installed on a key ring or carried in a vest or BDU pocket. To lock the Scarab in place, close the handles around the split ring and puch the extension into the bod of the cutter. This ensures a positive lock on the keyring or strapping.

Improves officer and subject saftey when releasing plastic restraints.

ASP Cutter cuts all brand Flex Cuffs and flexible disposable restraints. Also great for

  • Cutting fuses
  • cable ties
  • Security loops
  • Crowd control wrist-bands
  • Hospital
  • resorts and animal identification ties and bracelets and also shoe laces

  • Additional Numbers and Skus
    ASP-56225, ASP56225, 56225

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