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RedMan Self Defense Instructor Suit

RedMan Self Defense Instructor Suit
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RedMan Self Defense Training Instructor Suit. RedMan's instructor suit is full-body trauma protection. It's tough and durable. You can train in it all day and withstand repetitive strikes and falls to the ground. Then get right back up and go for more. It's protection that allows students to learn to react effectively to dangerous situations, and keeps you mobile and protected.

More importantly, it provides another level of safety you probably didn't even think of. The kind that has to do with germs and bacteria. Because RedMan is made of vinyl-dipped foam, it can be wiped-clean and dry, and can be disinfected after every use.

This Self Defense Instructor Suit has additional components that are not included in the traditional XP Instructor Suit: The Enhanced Head, the Enhanced lower abdominal protection, the No Foul Groin guard and the foot guards.

This suit doesn't include the Calf Guards. They are optional. You are able to add them at the moment of ordering the suit. They come in One Size

Manufacturer: Macho Products

To find the right size for the Body Guard and headgear check these tables:

Headgear by circumference:

Large: 22 1/2" - 23"

X-Large: 23 1/2" - 24"


Small/Medium: Height Up to 5'10" and Weight up to 180lbs

Large/XLarge: Height Over 5'10" and Weight over 180 lbs

The most popular size/suit is the SDXP4

Keep your suit clean and ready to use with the Desinfectant cleaner

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