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NIK SpitNet Mask Hoods, 100 Case

NIK SpitNet Mask Hoods, 100 Case
Item# NIK-9200-100
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SpitNet Mask Hoods

The SpitNet Mask Hoods provide a layer of protection against the not so pleasant biological substances. Whether you're on patrol or transporting the prisoners, these hoods protect against biting and spitting. Knowing that your safety is very important, they feature mesh netting that restricts the flow of biological contaminants, ensuring easy breathability and complete visibility. They attach under the arms to provide additional security while transporting threatening objects. They are easy to wear, light in weight and extremely durable. They prove to be an extremely important riot control gear.

  • NIK 9200-100 Spit Net Pack of 100 ea (8310-0-2B)
  • Tranzport hood also available.

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