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ATX Group Search Kit

ATX Group Search Kit
Item# RT-29982016135X
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ATX Group Search Kit from RescueTech

Our ATX Group Search Kit from RescueTech was designed by a major TX city to fulfill their Large Area Search needs. The Kit is set up for a four person RIT team and provides a means of marking location and a guideline to the outside. Comprised of one Marker Search Rope Kit (see above) and individual search line kits with fire resistant bag. The Marker Search Rope has teflon balls affixed to the rope to mark distance - no knots to slip or snag. The individual search kits are equipped with an autolocking, strength-rated aluminum hook that is fixed to the end of the rope without knots. Search kits can clip to webbing loops on master kit an can either be hung from belt or SCBA frame or can be slid onto waist belt. Search kits feature quick-disconnect strap if threaded on waist belt. Available in 4 and 5 person kits in either 35 ft. or 50 ft. Search kits

Available Option:

  • RT-29982016135 4 Person Kit-35' Master/3 Search
  • RT-29982016150 4 Person Kit-50' Master/3 Search
  • RT-29982016235 5 Person Kit-35' Master/4 Search
  • RT-29982016250 5 Person Kit-50' Master/4 Search

SKU: RT-29982016135, RT 29982016135, RT29982016135, RT-29982016150, RT 29982016150, RT29982016150, RT-29982016235, RT 29982016235, RT29982016235, RT-29982016250, RT 29982016250, RT29982016250

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