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Protech Hard Ballistic Shin Guards

Protech Hard Ballistic Shin Guards
Item# PRT-1002563
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NOTICE of RESTRICTIONS on Ballistic and Armor Products:
Please note that we restrict these items from sale to the public and Ship Directly to Law Enforcement / Military Related Agencies Only. If you are authorized by an agency to purchase these items, please acknowledge this restriction upon making your selection above. If we require additional information such as credentials, we will contact you before filling your order. Thank you for your understanding and support.

The Hard Ballistic Shin Guards are designed from 100 percent polyethylene and have been tested against NIJ Type IIIA rounds and velocities. They are tough enough to stand up just about anything. They provide 180 degree frontal protection of the shin and knee. There are two adjustable straps that keep these shin guards attached to the leg and in place.

The Hard Ballistic Shin Guards serve as essential equipment for riot control and tactical situations. Available in black color, they are equipped with an internal suspension system that protects your leg, that is, from the top of the foot to over the knee from any kind of blunt-force-trauma injuries.

PRT-1220H, PRT 1220H, 1220H

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