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Components / Accesssories

Components / Accesssories

Suit components and accessories are available for all High Gear suits:

Blauer HIGH GEAR Suit System Components and accessories are available for your training center. Each component is expertly engineered and constructed as an itegral combat training sytem.

If you are looking for components or accessories for the High Gear system. Please Contact Us with your needs. We will quickly respond to your needs.

Blauer Spear HG500 High Gear Standard Head Gear
Sale Price Starts at:  $547.55
Blauer Spear MCCK-OS-50131 Hood Only-Marking Cartridge Conversion Kit
Blauer MCR Marking Cartridge Ready Head Gear
Blauer Spear TP800 High Gear Torso Protector
Regular price: $462.00
Sale price: $440.00
Blauer Spear PS300 High Gear Padded Shorts
Regular price: $324.22
Sale price: $317.00
Blauer Spear CG200 High Gear Combat Gloves - Pair
Regular price: $232.00
Sale price: $210.00
Blauer Spear SKP700 High Gear Shin/Knee Pads
Regular price: $330.00
Sale price: $301.00
Blauer Spear TG900 High Gear Throat Guard
Regular price: $130.00
Sale price: $122.50
Blauer Spear PNP600 High Gear Peroneal Nerve Pads
Blauer Spear EUP400 High Gear Elbow/Ulna Pads
Regular price: $225.00
Sale price: $215.00
High Gear Load Out Storage Bag
Regular price: $129.00
Sale price: $125.00
Blauer Spear TCG-OS-10151 High Gear CQC Trainer Chest Guard
Regular price: $840.55
Sale price: $820.00

New CQC Trainer Chest Guard

When most defensive knife and gun training evolutions are static, stylized or choreographed because of the need to protect your training partner. This restriction is double trouble. It affects your physical skills because you’re practicing ‘pulling’ or ‘missing’ and, in turn, this impacts your true confidence. If you can’t testyour tactics in real time with real contact, then you can’t have real confidence. Now serious proponents of realistic training can take their skills and confidence to new levels by actually replicating the moment of truth: surviving the sudden attack. Only with our CQC CHEST GUARD can you work at real speed in real time for extreme close quarter confidence. Lightweight, portable and extremely durable, this new addition to the BLAUER TACTICAL line of HIGH GEAR Impact Reduction Equipment is a must for every serious combative trainer.

Advantages of the CQC CHEST GUARD:

The HIGH GEAR helmet fits snugly inside the neck protection for added safety during contact isolation drills. Custom designed foam protects carotid region. Red and Orange embroidery designates lethal and less-than-lethal targeting. Non-restrictive forearm & biceps padding adds protection to vital nerve points while still allowing the role-player to stab, gun-grab, clinch or throw punches. Real time contact isolation drills can now include aggressive defense and protection from:

  • Weapon Grabs
  • Sucker Punches
  • Weapon Retention Issues
  • Ballistic Tackles
  • Baseball Bat Attacks
  • Knife Attacks

Head Gear

If you don’t already own a full HIGH GEAR suit, it is highly recommended that you purchase our head gear & throat protector. Both available as individual purchases.

Head Gear HG-S-50001 HG-M-50011 HG-L-50031 HG-XL-50051
Head Gear MCR HG-MCR-S-50061 HG-MCR-M-50071 HG-MCR-L-50091 HG-MCR-XL-50111
Head Gear MCR Conversion Kit MCCK-OS-50131 MCCK-OS-50131 MCCK-OS-50131 MCCK-OS-50131
Throat Guard TG-S-90001 TG-M-90011 TG-L-90031 TG-XL-90051
Torso Protector TP-S-80001 TP-M-80011 TP-L-80031 TP-XL-80051
Elbow / Ulna Pads EUP-S-40001 EUP-M-40011 EUP-L-40031 EUP-XL-40051
Combat Gloves CG-S-20001 CG-M-20011 CG-L-20031 CG-XL-20051
Padded Shorts PS-S-30001 PS-M-30011 PS-L-30031 PS-XL-30051
Peroneal Nerve Pad PNP-S-60001 PNP-M-60011 PNP-L-60031 PNP-XL-60051
Shin / Knee Pads SKP-S-70001 SKP-M-70011 SKP-L-70031 SKP-XL-70051
Biceps Forearm Pads* BFP-OS-10211 BFP-OS-10211 BFP-OS-10211 BFP-OS-10211
QCQ Trainer Chest Guard* TCG-OS-10151 TCG-OS-10151 TCG-OS-10151 TCG-OS-10151
Transport / Storage Bag TSB-SS-20111 Holds 1 Suit TSB-DS-20131 Holds 2 Suits  -   - 

* CQC Trainer Chest Guard included Bicept / Forearm Pads

If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, please Email your request to our Customer Service: