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True Weight Guns & Magazines

True Weight Guns & MagazinesTrue Weight Guns & Magazines
True Weight Guns & MagazinesTrue Weight Guns & Magazines
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True Weight Guns and Magazines

Now.....True-Weight Training Weapons, Dummy Magazines and Blue Training Accessories are available from BlueGun. Training with a true weight adds additional realism and feel to your training scenarios. The trainee becomes will develop better "memory" skills when training with these. The weight and feel are true to the weapon or magazines real weight. Now your teams training skills will be enhanced as they are able to endure and feel the True Weight of their equipment weapons and accessories. Build advanced skills and confidence by using training equipment that closely resembles real equipment in weight and feel.

These Blue Trainers are normal BlueGuns that incorporate additional weight that is apportioned and balanced throughout the weapon. Therefore a True-Weight Glock feels like a fully loaded Glock in weight and balance. All products made by BlueGun can be manufactured in True-Weight and most are special order with a three to four week lead time. We try to keep on hand some of the common models such as the Glock 17 Weighted, Glock 19 Weighted, the Berreta 92F Weighted, Colt 1911 Weighted, Rifles like the M4 Weighted, AR15 Weighted and a Remington 870 Weighted.

Training Magazines are fast becoming very popular and are used for building weapons handling skills. These skills include the proper handling, storage, portage, gaining access and magazine change outs all under a variety of situations and duress.

Get True-Weight weapons and accessories into your training program, on your duty belts or in your holsters and experience the difference.

All Blueguns Can Be Made As Weighted. The List Below Represents Those Commonly Ordered:


  • BG FSHGMAGW: Weighted Handgun Magazine
  • BG FSLGMAGW: Weighted Long gun Magazine
  • BG FSG17W: GLOCK 17 Weighted
  • BG FSG19W: GLOCK 19 Weighted
  • BG FSG43W: GLOCK 43 Weighted
  • BG FSB92FW: BERETTA 92F Weighted
  • BG FS1911W: COLT 1911 Weighted
  • BG FSSWSHIELDW: S&W Shield 9mm Weighted
  • BG FSXDS4.0: SPRINGFIELD XDS 4.0 Weighted
  • BG FSB92FMW: BERETTA 92F Weighted Magazine
  • BG FSG17MW: GLOCK 17 Weighted Magazine
  • BG FSG19MW: GLOCK 19 Weighted Magazine
  • BG FSLC9: RUGER LC9 Weighted Magazine
  • BG FSSWMP40MW: S&W M&P40 Weighted Magazine
  • BG FSBG380MPMW: S&W Body Guard .380 Weighted Magazine
  • BG FSSWSHIELDMW: S&W Shield Weighted Magazine
  • BG FSARMW: AR15 / M4 30 Round Weighted Magazine
  • BG FSM4W: M4 weighted
  • BG FSM4FTRW: M4 Flat Top Open Stock, Fwd Rail, Weighted
  • BG FSAR15W: AR15 weighted
  • BG FS870W: REMINGTON 870 Weighted
  • BG FSRPG7BPW: Weighted RPG7 Rocket Launcher
  • BG FSM240W: Weighted FN M240 Blue
  • BG FSM249W: Weighted FN M249 Blue
  • BG FSSPRM14BPW: Springfield M14 Black w/painted stock, Weighted

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