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Lightning Bluestar Forensic Tablets

Lightning Bluestar Forensic Tablets
Item# LP-7841X
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Bluestar Forensic Tablets

The Bluestar Forensic Tablets are a compact and lightweight, multi-use product that have been developed with the purpose of revealing the blood stains, which have been wiped off, washed out or cannot be seen from the naked eye.

The Bluestar Forensic Tablets are intended for crime scene investigators. They provide the investigator an option of choosing between four or eight pairs of individually wrapped tablets. Easy to use, the tablets can simply be dissolved in distilled water and then sprayed with a fine mist atomizer. Each pair of tablets can produce 125 ml (4 oz.) of Bluestar forensic working solution and if combined, the four pairs will produce 500 ml (16 oz.) and the eight pairs will produce 1 liter (32 oz.).

Available Options:

  • 4-7841 Pack of 4
  • 4-7846 Pack of 8
LP-7841, LP7841, LP 7841, LP-7846, LP7846, LP 7846, 4-7841, 4-7846, 47841, 47846

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