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C-116L Insignia 2 Parallel Bugles

C-116L Insignia 2 Parallel Bugles
Item# SAW-C116LX
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Captain, Model C116L is a Quality Smith and Warren insignia designed and manufactured here in the USA. This Model equates to A6197. For additional badge and insignia model equivalents please use our Conversion Locator.

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Finishes: Available in Standard or Deluxe
Each Finish offers it's own distinct beauty, quality and durability. To help you decide which finish to choose, information in the Finish Options is provided. The finishes available for this badge are listed in the options above.

Pricing Includes:
Included in the price of each Badge are a variety of basic options. The basic options available for your badge depends on the finish you choose. For information on these options please refer to Included Options for your badge. For an extensive list of information and pricing on all available options see Design Options. Pricing on insignia include your choice of common attachment method.

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Badges and Insignia are furnished with your choice of Attachment Options - Pin & Safety Catch, Screw Back or Wallet Clip or can be incorporated as part of a design badge.

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Design Options for both the Standard and the Deluxe Badges are available. Please note your needs on our Badge Design Form.

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When ordering more than 16 badges quantity discounts begin to apply. We will include deeper discounts in pricing as volume increases. Please Contact Us for a quotation.

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