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My Weigh Scale Calibration Kit

My Weigh Scale Calibration Kit
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Scale Calibration Kit

The Scale Calibration Kit by My Weigh contains the necessary precision weights and measures to test the accuracy of most scales. Use these calibration weight to calibrate an inaccurate scale, or just make sure your scale is “right on the money.” The kit contains a bunch of different weights in a case, and is suitable for general laboratory, commercial and educational use. These work well when you need to ensure that the scale is accurate and calibrated.

The Scale Calibration Kit consists of weights made of stainless steel to make them rust resistant. They have a shiny and elegant appearance being defect-free. The kit contains 9 pieces in total including 7 weights, micro weights, and tweezers.


  • (1) 100 gr
  • (1) 50 gr
  • (2) 20 gr
  • (1) 10 gr
  • (1) 5 gr
  • (2) 2 gr
  • (1) 1 gr
  • Micro weights
  • Tweezers

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