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Damascus Lightweight Patrol Gloves ATX-5

Damascus Lightweight Patrol Gloves ATX-5
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Damascus Lightweight Patrol Gloves

The Damascus Lightweight Patrol Gloves are considered to be the ideal pair of gloves for almost any situation. These ATX-5 lightweight gloves are perfect for round-the-year use. For a controllable and lightweight feel, these patrol gloves feature slip-on construction with zero bulk, and are a great way to ensure that your hands are protected at all times.

The Damascus Lightweight Patrol Gloves have an elasticized wrist opening that makes it easy to wear them on or take them off. These gloves allow the job to be done with complete precision as they do not fumble or bunch. Their palms are crafted from a single layer of leather, while the back of the hands is made from the flexible Lycra twill. Complete with perforated vents to keep the skin breathing, these patrol gloves come in design that lets the wearer feel and move as if they are not wearing any gloves at all.


  • Less is more with the year-round ATX-5, giving you almost as much feel and control as your bare hand!
  • Slip-on construction with zero bulk for lightweight controllable feel
  • Palms made of premium single layer leather with perforated air vents
  • Lightweight Lycra twill backhands provide additional stretch and extra breathability
  • Elasticized wrist opening

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