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Lightning Powder - Deionized Single-Use Water Packs

Lightning Powder -  Deionized Single-Use Water Packs
Item# LP-W-7025
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Deionized Single-Use Water Packs

The Lightning Powder W-7025 Deionized Single-Use Water Packs are perfect for moistening biological samples before collection. These small disposable vials of deionized water can only be used once and then disposed in order to ensure that there is no risk of cross-contamination at all. This ensures that everytime you get a fresh and sterile sample. Every unit is packaged individually to hold 5ml of water, which is nearly sufficient for moistening and collecting any sample. It has a simple procedure – just twist the end off of the water pack and the water will slowly start to drip out of the end.

Every box contains 100 individual water packs.

LP-W-7025, LP W-7025, LPW-7025, W-7025

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