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Dynamic Rescue Rope - Dry

Dynamic Rescue Rope - Dry
Item# RT-5952165AMX
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Dynamic Rescue Rope - Dry from RescueTech

Dynamic Rescue Rope - Dry from RescueTech is a dynamic rescue rope manufactured for special applications when climbing above the rigging point. Superior construction with the highest quality standards. High fall rating, low impact loads, increased resistance to abrasion. Dry coating on both sheath and core.


Dynamic ropes are manufactured for the specific purpose of absorbing shock loads occurring in a fall that initiates above the rigging point. In order to achieve these characteristics, a dynamic rope is less resistant to abrasion, lower in tensile strength, and stretches more than a comparable size static rope.


  • Diameter: 11.0mm
  • Grams / Meter: 75.2
  • Falls: 14
  • Impact Force: 9.62
  • Elongation: 4.8%
  • Sheath Slippage: 0
  • Standards: CE EN 892 (Olive Green meets Mil-Spec A-A-50139A)

    Part No.DiameterLengthWeight
    5952165xx11mm165 ft. / 50M10.4 lbs.
    5952200xx11mm200 ft. / 60M 12 lbs.
    5952660xx11mm660 ft. / 200M41 lbs.

    Available Options:

    • 5147200WR: Length 50M Color Blue
    • 5952165AM: Length 50M Color Amber
    • 5952165BL: Length 50M Color Blue
    • 5952200AM: Length 60M Color Amber
    • 5952200BL: Length 60M Color Blue
    • 5952X660AM: Length 200M Color Amber
    • 5952X660BL: Length 200M Color Blue
    • 5952X660OD: Length 200M Color Olive Green
    RT-5952165AMX, RT-5147200WR, RT-5952165AM, RT-5952165BL, RT-5952200AM, RT-5952200BL, RT-5952X660AM, RT-5952X660BL, RT-5952X660OD, 5147200WR, 5952165AM, 5952165BL, 5952200AM, 5952200BL, 5952X660AM, 5952X660BL, 5952X660OD, RT 5952165AMX, RT 5147200WR, RT 5952165AM, RT 5952165BL, RT 5952200AM, RT 5952200BL, RT 5952X660AM, RT 5952X660BL, RT 5952X660OD, RT5952165AMX, RT5147200WR, RT5952165AM, RT5952165BL, RT5952200AM, RT5952200BL, RT5952X660AM, RT5952X660BL, RT5952X660OD

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