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EGRESS-Hybrid Personal Escape Rope

EGRESS-Hybrid Personal Escape Rope
Item# RT-52617000X
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EGRESS-Hybrid Personal Escape Rope from RescueTech

EGRESS-Hybrid Personal Escape Rope from RescueTech is the EGRESS-Hybrid rope is a blend of aramid and polyester fibers. The tough, fire-resistant aramid fibers in the sheath give the rope its strength and durability while the polyester fibers lighten the weight and provide greater visibility.

Available Options:

  • RT-52617000 EGRESS-Hybrid PER Length ft
  • RT-52617050 EGRESS-Hybrid PER Length 50 ft
  • RT-52617070 EGRESS-Hybrid PER Length 70 ft
  • RT-52617100 EGRESS-Hybrid PER Length 100 ft
  • Sku: RT-52617000, RT 52617000, RT52617000 RT-52617027, RT 52617027, RT52617027 RT-52617035, RT 52617035, RT52617035 RT-52617050, RT 52617050, RT52617050 RT-52617070, RT 52617070, RT52617070 RT-52617100, RT 52617100, RT52617100

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