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i-Gen LE Night Vision Kit with Image Capture - Now with Lens Doubler - Compare to "GEN 3"

i-Gen LE  Night Vision Kit with Image Capture & Lens Double 6.1X
i-Gen LE Night Vision Kit with Image Capture & Lens Double 6.1X
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Fisher Labs - Night Vision Kit iGen LE - Now with Lens Doubler -Compare to "GEN 3"

iGen LE – High Performance Night Vision with Image Capture – Compare it to Gen 3 and at less than half the price!

The only night vision device that takes pictures too. It is the perfect solution for law enforcement needing a surveillance tool that can also capture an image for evidence.


  • Saves Images to Memory Card
  • Light Amplification Adjustable from 300x to 10,000x
  • Video Streaming
  • 2.6x Magnification without Doubler Lens
  • 6.1x Magnification with telephoto lens doubler
  • Compact Tripod with Window Mount
  • Hard Protective Carrying Case
  • Performance Surpasses Gen 2
  • Programmable
  • Enhanced Infrared Emitter
  • Edge to Edge Clarity
  • Powered by four AA alkaline batteries
  • 1 Year Limited Factory Warranty

The iGen LE advantage is:

  • The world’s only night vision system with integrated photographic capability.
  • Better image quality with high, 30-line-pair per millimeter, edge-to-edge display resolution
  • Better image quality with no image distortion from photocathode or
  • phosphorescent screen blemishes

Easier diopter focusing

Two-times the sensitivity to infrared light, useful in total darkness with the aid of the infrared emitter

Intelligent infrared emitter. Microprocessor automatically adjusts infrared intensity and electronic gain to optimize image to changing ambient light conditions.

Undistorted infrared emitter – bright clear scene illumination with no dark spots and no uneven light patterns

Ambient light amplification capability higher than Generation-1 technology at default exposure. Light amplification capability superior to Generation-3 with the use of exposure control.

Easy-connect video capture capability through composite video output


Bright-light see-through capability. No bright-spot blooming or halo-effect typical with conventional night vision.

More robust. No risk of damage from bright light exposure. No fragile vacuum tubes.


Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included) Typical battery life from one set of batteries is 4.5 hours in continuous use in viewing mode, or 2.3 hours in continuous use with the infrared emitter at maximum intensity. Continuous use in capture mode will reduce battery life by approximately 25%. To improve battery life, reduce display brightness or program the auto-off feature to cause the device to automatically shut down after specified intervals.


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