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Gorilla Bar, GB

Gorilla Bar, GB
Item# BH-DE-GB
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BlackHawk Dynamic Entry Gorilla Bar Non-Sparking HallaganTools™ feature a composite construction that will not spark when struck or during prying operations. The ergonomically designed handle system ensures proper hand placement and is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC. The casting designs increase leverage for both the fork and horn working ends.


  • Both non-sparking and electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC
  • Features a fork and horn end for prying and breaching
  • Handles will not absorb glass shards and are self-extinguishing
  • Safety-guard handgrips reduce the possibility of the operator's hands slipping onto the working ends of the bar
  • Oversized version of the Hallagan Tool, ideal for big jobs

NOTE:The non-sparking alloy used in these tools is not intended for use on steel doors and frames. If breaching steel doors Dynamic Entry® recommends using one of our stainless steel tools, such as the Stainless HallaganTool™.

Size: Wt: 17.5 lbs. Length: 40”

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