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Rapid Test Devices for Alcohol Screening

Alcohol Screening Kits

Alcohol Screening Test Kits and Instruments to measure Blood Alcohol Level BAC. A variety of screening tests and devices that detects the Blood Alcohol Level of an individual. The tests are based on two oral platforms; Saliva and Breath. Various methods are used to capture and quickly report presumptive results. Devices that are DOT approved shall be indicated in the specifications. Alcohol field testing is generally performed with a presumptive test kit. When the subject is determined to be under the influence via the results of the field test, a secondary test is usually performed with a certified instrument that has the ability to provide an evidential report. Alternate Force carries a wide variety of equipment and gear supporting the success of your mission. Please Contact Us for assistance, quotations or with any questions about your mission needs.

QED A150 Saliva Alcohol Screen Kit
Sale Price Starts at:  $74.75
Panther I Alcohol Breath Analyzer
Regular price: $892.00
Sale price: $838.50
Panther II Alcohol Breath Analyzer for Workplaces
Regular price: $645.00
Sale price: $606.30
AlcoMate© Breath Alcohol Tester DOT
Regular price: $264.80
Sale price: $179.95
BreathScan Alcohol Test Tube (Box of 25)
Regular price: $78.75
Sale price: $56.88
Alco-Screen Pads
Sale Price Starts at:  $51.49
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