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Take Aim with LASERMAX Internal Guide Rod Lasers

LaserMax Internal Laser for Glocks
LaserMax Internal Laser for Glocks
Item# LMS-11XX
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Take Perfect Aim with a LaserMAx Internal Guide Rod Laser specially designed and engineer for the Glock Pistol.

LaserMax: Inernal Laser for the GLOCK

  • LMS-1131P for Glock Models 19/23/32/38
  • LMS-1151P for Glock Models 20/21 (older style)
  • LMS-1161 for Glock 26/27/33

LaserMax products have benefited from fifteen years of street and combat experience, plus state-of-the-art advancements recommended by SWAT, Special Forces, federal agencies, Presidential Security Services, and others. LaserMax products are the most technologically advanced, hardened laser systems in the world. LaserMax sights are available to the military and law enforcement and civilians (personal defense and professional security).

Why Do I Need A Laser Sight?

Whether you are a Law Enforcement professional or a civilian protecting your home and family, equipping your firearm with a laser sighting device can provide you the extra confidence and technical advantage to succeed.

Control the night - Trouble comes at night. Be ready. LaserMax lasers greatly assist aiming in low light and stress fire conditions. Shooting accuracy and speed are vastly improved. The LaserMax red laser is designed for use outdoors between dusk and dawn, and inside around the clock. Besides increased accuracy, or maybe because of it, users report that most aggressors give up their threatening behavior when they see the pulsating dot. Users also report near perfect hit ratios even in stress fire situations.

Take advantage of cover - The LaserMax laser allows accurate shooting from behind cover and concealment. Use full cover behind ballistic shields, automobile engine blocks and other available barriers. Should you have to shoot from a prone position or with your weak hand, LaserMax still affords accurate shot placement.

Transcend all language barriers - Everyone knows what the pulsating red dot means. No matter what language he speaks, the aggressor knows he's targeted. The good guys know you've got him covered, too. The whole picture changes when you turn on that pulsating red dot.

Compensate for diminishing eyesight - Between the ages of 40 and 50 years we start to lose the ability to change focus from distant to close objects. Many shooters give up when this happens. Don't! Just use the LaserMax laser, and focus on the target where you see best.

Train faster - The LaserMax laser helps new shooters learn sight picture and trigger control much more quickly. Trigger and muzzle discipline are readily reinforced, through both live and dry fire. The unique LaserMax features promote good firearm safety habits.


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