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Life/formŽ Child Cricothyrotomy Inserts

Life/formŽ Child Cricothyrotomy Inserts
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Child Cricothyrotomy Inserts

The Life/form Child Cricothyrotomy Inserts is built for use only with the children. This whole process is extremely important and should be handled with special care. The cricothyrotomy process involves an incision to be made through the skin and cricothyroid membrane to create a patent airway during some life-threatening situations, like airway obstruction etc.

The Life/form Child Cricothyrotomy Inserts is great training equipment that is used for airway and respiration in the health care medical training. These inserts are made from high quality material that helps perform proper training on them. It is used by the paramedics, emergency personnel, anesthesiologists and other training purposes, helping them perfect this technique.

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  • NAS-LF01080U, NAS LF01080U, NASLF01080U

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