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Life/Form® Young Adult Circumcision Training Kit

Life/Form® Young Adult Circumcision Training Kit
Item# NAS-LF0093X
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The Life/Form® Young Adult Circumcision Training Kit helps in educating people about the importance of circumcision. It involves removing the foreskin. The training kit ensures that every student learns the correct way of conducting safe removal of the unwanted skin. The kit is specially made for teenager’s students and practitioners—those who want to know more about circumcision surgery. You can practice the method on your own or the teachers can demonstrate and teach you the details using this kit. It helps you in becoming professionally skilled in performing real-time live circumcision surgeries. It helps in removing the hesitancy of operating on a penis. The circumcision kit for teenagers allows the nurses to demonstrate to anxious families and parents on how circumcision is done and assure complete safety of the procedure The Young Adult circumcision kit allows the young medical officers to practice the procedure, improve and further enhance their skill. To avoid complications in circumcision, the kit develops diligence in the practitioner, and as circumcision is a safe way for infection control and prevents various STDs. The Life/Form Young Adult Circumcision Training Kit consists of one base, six glans penis cores, six foreskins, instruments (scalpel, 4-1/2" micro-forceps, 6" precision probe, Iris research scissors, 5" straight Halstead mosquito forceps, 5" curved Halstead mosquito forceps, Ethicon suture thread with needle), instrument case, instructions etc. It also comes with a nylon carrying case for easy portability and aid in easy carry to medical institutions for demonstrations of circumcision process. It is useful for medical school, organization and even for personal practice.

Available Options:
  • NAS-LF00935U Young Adult Circumcision Training Kit - White.
  • NAS-LF00936U Young Adult Circumcision Training Kit - Black.
  • NAS-LF00937U Young Adult Circumcision Training Kit - Brown.
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