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ISC Merlin Fall Block

ISC Merlin Fall Block
Item# RT-2014821050
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Merlin Fall Block

Merlin Fall Block is a smartly designed Fall Protection Systems offered by the ISC. It features cast aluminum housings construction for increased durability even under extreme circumstances. The offset anchor attachment hole included in the design helps to put minimum stress on the cable, while the fitted with a swiveling exit guide prevents the working line from and wear caused due to extraction and retraction. This 33ft Merlin Fall Block comes with a load limit of 310 lbs. And maximum arrest distance of 54. The load indicating swivel snap option included in this block acts as the highlight that indicates you that a fall has taken place. The fall block also comes with an option of load indicating swivel carabiner, if required.

RT-2014821050, RT2014821050, 2014821050

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