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37/40 mm Chemical Munitions

37/40 mm Chemical Munitions

MTS 37/40 mm Chemical Munitions

The MTS 37/40 mm Chemical Munitions are excellent tactical solutions against unruly mob and its violent protesters. The complete line of chemical munitions includes muzzle blast cartridges and pyrotechnic projectiles. The muzzle blast cartridges use a single blast to disperse the payload to about 30 feet, fitting the requirements of close quarter riot control. The pyrotechnic projectiles deliver multi-projectile rounds with three submunitions to approximately 270 feet, making them perfect to control a rowdy crowd. The average time of discharge for the submunition is 20-30 seconds.

The MTS 37/40 mm Chemical Munitions provide mission-specific options to a tactical officer in a range of irritant or smoke loads; and indoor or outdoor requirements. They are meant to be used only by law enforcement units. Selling these munitions to civilians or other organizations is strictly prohibited.

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