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Mustang Survival MA2292 Zipper Lubricant

Mustang Survival MA2292 Zipper Lubricant
Item# MS-MA2292
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A heavy-duty lubrication for improved performance and protection of zipper. The Mustang Survival MA2292 Zipper Lubricant is non toxic, biodegradable and free from silicon or paraffin. In addition to this, this lubricant doesn't flake or jam in extreme temperatures. It is specially designed to provide UV protection.

Ideal for all types of airtight and watertight zippers, the Mustang Survival Zipper Lubricant repels sand, dirt and organic residue. Moreover, it also inhibits rust and ensures protection against corrosion. It is widely used to provide protection to the zippers of dry suits, survival suits, environmental suits, dry bags, etc. This lubricant is an effective and convenient roll-on applicator.

Recommend for: Industrial Marine, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Coast Guard, Aviation, Sea, Sea Blue Water, Sea Brown Water, Air, Air Helo or Transport, Air Jets, Land

MS-MA2292, MA2292, MA-2292

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