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ProStar Advantage

ProStar Advantage

ProStar Advantage Strength & Conditioning Equipment

ProStars reputation in the fitness equipment industry is unparalleled. They are known as an innovative manufacturing company that provides extremely durable equipment with superior quality and also known for their innovation in design and the ability to meet the individual needs of each client. Their line up equipment encompasses; Selectorized Machines, Free Weight Equipment, Multi Gyms, and Custom Racks and Benches which were developed by a qualified team of engineers, strength coaches and accredited exercise specialists. Their products combine safety, easy accessibility, durability and function to create a truly exceptional piece of equipment. Thousands of Gyms across the country use ProStar equipment to ensure the fitness of the men and women serving in the public safety sector.

*Fire Departments   *Correctional Facilities   *Police Departments   *First Repsonders   *Security Teams   *Hospitals   *Universities   *Military

ProStar is dedicated to designing and manufacturing extreme duty strength equipment for use in the most demanding environments.

  • Incorporate ergonomic and bio-mechanical design features
  • Ensure proper posture, muscle isolation, and body stability through the use of controls and adjustments of pads / seat.
  • Facilitate easy ingress and egress Fast, easy and pads and control adjustments
  • Sufficient Adjustments to support a wide range of users safely and comfortable
  • Meet or exceed industry standards for design and construction.
  • Noise abatement properties
  • Easy to clean with excellent anitmicrobial properties
  • Made in America using rock solid design and manufacturing methods.
  • Industry leading warranty program

Frame Construction
Primary frames are constructed using 2" x 3" , 3" x 3" or 2" x 4" rectangular A513 carbon steel mechanical tubing in 11 and 7 guage . All structural members are minimum 11 gauge (0.12" wall), metal inert gas welded to ensure a rigid structure. Mechanical fastening provided by grade 8 zinc plated hardware. The feet on all equipment are fully welded which means there are no plastic end caps to break off.

Frame Components Finish
High-heat set, epoxy based powder coat provides the highest quality finish available in the industry. All Moving Steel and Steel Components will be protected with chrome plating. Frame colors come in 6 standard colors.

Weight Movement Components
Pulleys are constructed of impact resistant fiberglass reinforced nylon with sealed precision ball bearings. This insures quiet operation and precise belt tracking. Pillow block, flange and linear bearings are used on selected machines to ensure true alignment and to eliminate torque effect of uneven force application. The bearings also greatly reduce friction for smoother movement throughout the exercise motion. PHOTO

Weight transport is accomplished using heavy duty 1" wide belts constructed of Kevlar fibers which are encapsulated in a neoprene and nylon coating. Kevlar belts are primarily used in weight transport except in those instances where cabling is specified. The belts will not stretch (no periodic adjustments of equipment), are extremely abrasion resistant and have a tensile strength tested in excess of 5000 lbs. Other benefits include are smooth draw / retraction, quiet operation, highest durability and ease of service.
When the design of a unit requires cables, the cable and components will exceed the military specification of over 4000 lbs. tensile strength.. Cables are inch in size and are constructed using high quality 3/16 steel cable surrounded in nylon coating. Termination points for both the straps and cables have specially designed fittings with breaking strengths exceeding the straps or cables.

Upholstery Components
Spirit Millennium Naugahyde from Uniroyal is the standard upholstery covering used on all equipment . It is highly abrasion resistant with excellent anitmicrobial properties. Others features are its disinfectability , cleanability and low flammability rating. All of the upholstery is double stitched and not folded to avoid wear problems. Wear covers are utilized where proper to give additional life to heavy use areas. Upholstery is available in over 80 colors.

These are our top selling colors:

Foam Under the upholstery fabric is high density closed cell rebound foam. This durable and long lasting foam has low compression properties which reduces point loading, minimizes fatigue and maximizes comfort. Where necessary by design, under the foam is Grade-A plywood and 1 inches as appropriate. This means long lasting performance for both seats and pads.

Hand Grips
Rubber handgrips are the highest quality and durability and manufactured for safety and comfort. WHAT ARE THEY MADE OF? The utilize aluminum end caps for long term durability and prevent the problem od tearing and loosening of plastic and rubber ends.

Weight Stacks and Guide Rods
Precision all-steel weight plates glide on nylon brushings. Black coating provides chip and crack resistance as well as rust prevention. Guide rods are 1" solid cold-rolled steel with chrome plated finish. Selector pins for adjusting the weights are attached to the frame by a nylon tether (rubber coated). Neoprene rubber or steel springs are used as shock absorbers under the weight stacks to offer protection and reduce noise. Standard weight increments are 5, 10 and 20 pounds Steel and custom weight stacks are available for an additional charge. Incremental weights (as low as 2.5 lbs.) can also be added.

Protective shrouds for weight stacks are used to prevent access to the back of the stack during use, for purposes of safety. The guards are constructed of 1/8" sheet metal, the shrouds are formed to enclose the outside of the weight stack. Shrouds are attached with metal screws and include our durable powder-coat finish to match the frame color.

Linear bearings operate as rolling bearings and NOT sliding bearings. This design incorporates a very low coefficient of friction for the operator and improves the life of the equipment. Linear bearings are hardened chrome steel and packed in lubricant and sealed at the factory in rubber and steel.

Radial bearings incorporate quality chrome steel balls and races which are heat treated to insure maximum durability. Steel slingers and tough synthetic rubber seals, hold the lubricant and seal out contaminants. Quality workmanship, materials and design concepts are what make theses bearing the workhorse of Prostar equipment.

Floor Anchor
All equipment includes the ability to anchor to the floor, where applicable. It is highly recommended that it be anchored when possible.

Chrome Receivers
The ATS 700 Series Power Racks have either 1/2"- or 5/8"-thick resistance chrome plated receivers that will protect uprights for years.

Instructional Placards
Each Selectorized machine comes with its own instructional placard. The card shows how to perform the exercise and details on the muscles worked.

ProStar Equipment Warranty
The warranty covers the equipment under normal use and service. ProStar strength and conditioning equipment offers a limited warranty to the original purchaser. ProStar offers a Lifetime warranty on all framework construction including weight stacks. Two year warranty on Kevlar Power Strapping. Five years on pulleys, pillow blocks and guide rods. One year on all the other parts of the equipment including upholstery. ProStar will replace parts found to be defective during the warranty period.

If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, please Email your request to our Customer Service: