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Simulaids Training Cables

Simulaids Training Cables
Item# SIM-175-0-Z02UX
Option:  Quantity :

The Simulaids Training Cables are training cables that consist of exquisite cable ends which can be used with defibrillators such as Zoll, Philips and Medtronic physio control quick combo. These are crafted to be also used with Simulaids Arrhythmia Simulators, Manikins and Chest Posts. These cables help in limiting the continuous cost to avoid the mess on the manikin. The Simulaids Training Cables are not recommended with any non-rechargeable battery. It works with non-rechargeable Lithium Batteries. It offers a great solution to train at low cost as maintenance of manikins is very costly and time taking. If you want high quality output without spending too much of the time in cleaning then these training cables are suitable for new EMS trainees and medical students. It can be used in clinics, hospitals and healthcare centers. A set of two manikin chest post is also available, for use with these training cables.

Available options:
  • SIM-175-0-Z02U - Zoll Training Cables
  • SIM-175-0-Z08U - Chest Posts for Training Cables
  • SIM-175-0-Z10U - Medtronic Physion Quick Combo Training Cables
  • SIM-175-0-Z13U - Phillips Training Cables
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