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Lightning Master Crime Scene Sketching Kit

Lightning Master Crime Scene Sketching Kit
Item# LP-4-0112
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Master Crime Scene Sketching Kit

The Master Crime Scene Sketching Kit 4-0112 is outfitted with everything needed to quickly and accurately diagram a crime scene. The included vinyl padfolio provides a firm writing surface and protects the sketching templates and paper when not in use. The entire kit is stored in a rugged ballistic nylon portfolio case that includes a zippered front pocket for storing pencil, pens, business cards and other equipment to include a shoulder strap.

Kit Includes:

  • Pad of Cross-Sectional Paper
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Four-Piece Drafting Ruler Set (includes 12" ruler, 45 degress triangle, 60 degrees triangle and 180 degrees protractor)
  • General Traffic Sketching Template Set (Part #DT-5667)
  • General Crime Scene Sketching Template (Part #4-0100)
  • Human Figure Sketching Template (Part #4-0101)
  • Drawing CompassDirectional Compass
  • 26' Measuring Tape
  • Vinyl Padfolio
  • Ballistic Nylon Portfolio (15.25"H x 21.25"W x 1.25")
LP-4-0112, LP4-0112, LP 4-0112, 4-0112, 1005704

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