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Sleeper Series Sleeping Bags

Sleeper Series Sleeping Bags

Snugpak Sleeper Series Sleeping Bags

Snugpak Sleeper Series Sleeping Bags, Sleeper range of bags are an ideal introduction to Snugpak’s high performance sleeping bags with many similar design features. Filled with a “Siliconised Hollowfibre”. These synthetic fibers are structured to trap warm air between tiny cavities in the fiber. When unpacked the hollow fibers decompress and spread back to gain maximum re-loft. Rip stop Nylon outer with Supersoft as the inner lining, a silky smooth nylon fabric. All the bags in the Sleeper Series come with a compression stuff sack, Snugfit hood, zip baffle, hanging dry tabs and anti-snag two-way zip.

The Sleeper Series consist of 4 Models, the Sleeper Lite Square Foot, Sleeper Lite, Sleeper Xtreme and the Sleeper Xpedition. The Temperature Range for the Sleeper Series is between 32°F to 0°F.

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