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Zorber Shock Absorber

Zorber Shock Absorber
Item# RT-753420X
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Elk River Zorber Shock Absorber

Zorber Shock Absorber from Elk River, this is the highly efficient webbing tear-stitch type shock absorber utilized on our lanyards. The Zorber shock absorber absorbs energy by means of a controlled destruction. Two layers of webbing are woven together in a proscribed manner. Limits OSHA style loads to a maximum force of 900 lbf.


  • Initial Length: 10"
  • Extended Length: 52"
  • Minimum Tensile Strength: 6,000 lbf
  • Available Options:

  • RT-753420 Style Loop & Loop 8.8 oz
  • RT-753424 Style Loop & Snap 15 oz
  • RT-753426 Style Snap & D Ring 28 oz
  • Sku: RT-753420, RT 753420, RT753420, RT-753424, RT 753424, RT753424, RT-753426, RT 753426, RT753426

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