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Deluxe Ice Rescuer Response Kit

Deluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response Kit
Deluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response KitDeluxe Ice Rescuer Response Kit
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Deluxe Ice Rescuer Response Kit is compromised of premium components from quality manufacturers like Kong, Mustang Survival, Snug Pack and more. Our Ice rescuer response kit contains key components necessary for a successful outcome when responding to an incident involving ice breakthrough.

Our Kit contains the following Components:

Ice Commander Suit from Mustang Survival is a popular choice for rescuers and comes in a Universal Size with integrated boot and gloves for fast and easy donning. The modular suit is completely waterproof with a water tight hood and the insulation performance of a zip-in buoyancy liner allows users to immerse themselves for long periods of time in icy cold water and maintain mental and physical capabilities . The liner with zipper and velcro attachments allow easier removal for cleaning and repair. Each Ice Commander™ has an integrated chest harness for attachment to tether lines, ice awl pockets for storage, rubber gloves, reinforced knees and non-slip rubber soles on the attached boots. As well, each suit is 45% lighter than other rescue suits as it is made in a high visibility welded nylon shell.

Water Rescue Helmet made with multiple impact polypropylene, patented liner system. Closed cell foam will not absorb moisture. 4 point chin strap. 13 ventilation / drain ports. Stainless steel hardware.

Pick of Life Ice Awls are for self-rescue, allowing you to crawl on top of the ice using the picks as traction. You can also slide them to someone who has fallen through the ice.

Easy On and Off Snow and Ice Cleats provide the traction you need to walk, lift, carry or even run on glare ice, reducing injuries in severe winter rescue conditions. Designed with Velcro® fasteners to allow easy attachment over almost any boot or sole. 34 case-hardened, replaceable steel cleats in Vibram® soles bite into ice and snow increasing safety and maneuverability.

Throw bag with 75' Ropefrom Mustang Survival is an essential part of our water rescue kit and a valuable tool for those first responders who have arrived to a water emergency. The Throw Bag is used after the victim has been stabilized with a flotation device. It is compact, lightweight, durable and easy to use.

7/16" RT Pro-Poly Water Rescue Rope 200 Ft. is of kernmantle construction with a smooth sheath construction. The larger diameter is easier to grip and the 100% polypropylene Floats on top of water

Rope Storage Bag 100 from Kong is designed for carrying ropes and equipment with comfortable padded shoulder straps and hook for suspension.Angled closing flap with ring for the suspension which ensure a comfortable access to the contents of the bag. Drawstring closure and rapid clip made of ultra-durable nylon.Transparent side pocket for name plate label.Interior pocket with zip for storing small tools.Made of extremely durable PVC; reinforced bottom with slotted holes for breathability and handle for the emptying. This bag has 28 liter capacity and can hold a rope of 100 m.

(3) Red Aluminum Locking Screw Large D Carabiner from Kong

Double Gate 240mm Aluminum "Queedy" Snap Hook from Kong has a wide gate opening for optimum anchoring opportunities

Water Proof Radio Pouch is waterproof to 30 ft. offers total watertight protection, effectively and enexpensively, to hand-held VHF/UHF radios. Will float with radio inside. No loss of signal. Salt-water proof. UV-Stabilized. Operating temperatures: -25 degress c to +90 degrees c. available in two sizes "standard" and "large"

Gear Storage Kit Monster Bag from Snug Pack 3 Way Carry Monster 120L Equipment bag does so much more. The bag is made with 600 denier nylon with heavy duty zippers and contain two pockets, shoulder strap, backpack straps, drag handle and carry handle. Response ready bag is ready when you need it.

**Please Note The Deluxe Ice Rescuer Response Kit is intended for ice and still/static cold water rescues only by trained professionals with the required and approved operating standards and requirements of their state or county. Rescue activities in ices and water are inherently dangerous and should only be performed by trained professionals using the appropriate equipment.

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