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>>>> Before Making a Request Please Review Our Badge Sales Guidelines <<<<

Badge and Insignia Sales Policies
Badges Carry Lots of Weight: The general public expects a professional level of authority from a person carrying and displaying a badge and it is this authority we must protect. It is important for us to take responsibility by establishing solid policies that ensure our customers are authorized to order and receive their requests. We want to make it and easy and pleasant experience to shop with Alternate Force but we also want to ensure safety of the public above all. Therefore we have deemed it necessary and have implemented the following guidelines:

Customer Verification We will require the verification / authorization from you and your agency for all of the following types of badges. Please note we will accept emailed, faxed or mailed copies of identification and or authorization letters. You may also Upload Your Credentials via our secure document upload page.

  • Badges that refer to Law Enforcement: This includes but is not limited to Police, Officer, Sheriff, Trooper, Marshal, Constable, Highway Patrol, District Attorney, Judge, Parole, Probation, Peace Officer, Corrections, and Patrolman.

  • Badges that refer to Schools: This includes but is not limited to Campus Security, School Guard, Truant Officer, and University Security.

  • Badges that contain a Federal Seal are restricted and can only be shipped directly to the department they are issued, unless an official letter of authorization has been sent in to us in advance

  • Badge requests that we suspect may be from an un-authorized person or entity

    Alternate Force reserves the right to require verification of identity for any order. Although we make every attempt to verify the authorization of a purchaser and end user, the law prohibits the fraudulent use of any badge or identification. Purchase of any products from Alternate Force does not constitute permission to use the item. Any use is done solely at the responsibility of the purchaser and end user.

    The Right Not To Sell: We will not design, manufacture or ship any order we suspect is scrupulous or un-authorized. We will not fill orders for collector type police and law enforcement badges. We also reserve the right to cancel any order without cause. Orders canceled without cause will be fully refunded.

    What to Expect after Placing your Request

    Upon making a request or ordering from Alternate Force, you will receive a conformation. Before we process your request or order we will need to verify your identity to ensure you have the right to purchase and or use the badge you requested or ordered. If additional information is required we will notify you with full instructions on what is required. If we cannot verify your identity you will be notified and your request shall be cancelled. Once verification has been achieved we will notified you promptly on the status of your request of order.

    If you have any questions regarding this policy or need further clarification please Contact Us any time.

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