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Belleville Sage Green Boots

Belleville Sage Green Boots

The Belleville Sage Green Boots are made for durability and comfort in harsh conditions, making them perfect for the army. These combat ready boots have cutting edge design, which provides ease of movement and comfort on a rugged terrain. The breathable material lets the feet breathe and provide a soothing feeling while on an arduous run on rocky land.

The Belleville Sage Green Boots are mostly made with cowhide leather and have a shock-absorbent midsole for making your run on a bumpy ground quite easy. Even hikers and adventurers who frequent challenging places will find these boots quite useful due to the embedded technologies and quality design. Compliant with many quality standards, these boots are extremely reliable and can be worn with confidence without any worry.

Belleville 612ST Hot Weather Tactical Steel Toe Boot
Regular price: $192.00
Sale price: $153.60
BELLEVILLE 600 ST Hot Weather Steel Toe Boot w Astm Approved Steel Toe
Regular price: $200.00
Sale price: $148.00
Belleville 675-ST 600g Insulated Waterproof Steel Toe Boot
Regular price: $289.00
Sale price: $213.85

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