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Tactical Women Boots - All Colors

Tactical Women Boots - All Colors

The Tactical Women Boots - All Colors are made while keeping the preferences and comfort of women in armed forces in mind. Made with iconic designs, these boots provide flexible walking solution. Tactical Women Boots give great traction and control while running and walking even when they are worn on harsh rugged terrains.

The Tactical Women Boots - All Colors are generally made with 100% cattle hide and have a shock-absorbent midsole, which helps in avoiding injuries while running on a hard ground. The outsole and insole are made with latest technology, which protects the feet while providing maximum comfort. These boots have passed many tests and quality checks; and are compliant with most standards, making them reliable and durable in combat missions.

Belleville F795 Women's 200g Insulated Waterproof Boot - Fire & Ice™ Outsole
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Sale price: $190.90

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