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BlackHawk Technical Data

BlackHawk Technical Data
BTS- Modular Pouch System
The BLACKHAWK Tactical System (BTS) of affixing pouches and accessories to tactical gear is the most advanced MODULAR fastening method in the industry. Hook and loop fastener is on both inside sides of the closure flaps, and prevent the pouch from moving laterally. Once secured, they are practically impossible to tear off. This is the industry's most versatile, secure and light weight MODULAR attachment system.

All BlackHawk pouches have the BTS System as standard equipment.

All BlackHawk Vests have the BTS system

Hawk-Tabs are a unique light weight injection molded plastic coating developed by Blackhawk Research and Development Division applied to noisy zipper sliders and pulls preventing "clanging chatter".
This is a specialized non-slip material applied to certain products for the operator that can not afford a slide/slip of the buttstock, cheek, etc... when their time comes for action.

HydraStorm Hydration System Compatible
This simply means that any BLACKHAWK® product with this designation can incorporate a HydraStorm® Hydration System. Most items with this designation have an internal sleeve that allows a HydraStorm® Hydration System to be placed inside. There is also a routing system for the drinking tube.

IVS is the acronym for Intercooler Venting Systems. The BlackHawk / HydraStorm IVS is a "trilaminate" of Nytaneon Nylon, 3/4 inch closed-cell foam and a durable moisture wicking material all heat compression molded into one solid platform. Each BlackHawk and HydraStorm pack has its own unique mold, mold design and its own 100% accurate Die for high quality repetitive manufacturing capablities. The design of the molded channels is for air movement throughout your back to extend performance ratios, give additional stability to our packs and prevent overheating. IVS is without a doubt the most advanced feature in our industry today. Demand IVS, Demand BlackHawk and HydraStorm Authentic Manufactured Gear.

The composite fabric from which tactical gear is made is the critical component from which the products draw thier strength and durability. We believe BlackHawk's new NyTaneon® material is the strongest, longest lasting, and quietest fabric ever applied to tactical applications. We sought the strength of Titanium fiber with the flexibility of premium grade nylon. The results are incredible!!! All BlackHawk tactical products are now made with this amazingly durable material,NyTaneon® .

Our competitors may downplay NyTaneon®. However,do not listen to us or them, you be the judge and compare side by side. Better yet, use the products,abuse the products, beat them up and spit them out, then compare side by side!

NyTaneon® , only from Blackhawk!

Silent Zipper Pulls
The BlackHawk Silent Zipper Pulls are designed and implemented on items that have zipper closures and need additional grip or leverage to open and close. The long cord with our Gripper tab provide an excellent positive grip when wet, cold or just plain tired. The angling of the cord on the zipper slider allows easier pulling to open and close the zipper on any item.

Sniper Shoulder
This is just one of many exciting innovations for 2001. The new Sniper Shoulder padded gun mount zone is now standard on most of our tactical vests. An internal flexible rib on the outside edge of the pad provides a secure anchor point for the buttstock of the rifle, preventing the drift that comes with automatic weapons fire. In sniping engagements, it provides an anti-slip surface for secure shot placement.

NOTE: Please see our vest section for all the various types of vests that we offer with the Sniper Shoulder. Special Note: Sniper Shoulders are made with our World famous HawkTex Non-Slip material. The HawkTex material is also standard on ALL BlackHawk shoulder strap pads found on all of our gear bags and cases.

Talon-Flex is our heat molded retention plastic inserts. We named it Talon-Flex because of the grip of a birds "Talons" and the flex is for flexibility. Talon-Flex is extremely durable, can be molded to almost any shape with the use of jigs, molds or dies. Above all else, IT WORKS GREAT!

BLACKHAWK uses the Talon-Flex inserts on items like Pistol Mag Pouches, Radio Pouches, Holsters and many other items. Look for the Talon-Flex logo through out our catalogs.

If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, please Email your request to our Customer Service: