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Riverside 2 1/4" Belt by Boston Leather

Riverside 2 1/4 inch Leather Belt
Riverside 2 1/4 inch Leather Belt
Item# BOS-6570
Sale Price Starts at:  $63.45
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Riverside 2 1/4" Belt 6570 from Boston Leather are available in three styles Clarino, Basketweave and Plain. These are made with quality materials and superior craftsmanship using ten to twelve ounce full grain drum dyed English Bridle leather which is tanned in the USA from American Steers. Sam Browne belts are available in virtually any length and come in your choice of buckle. All belts use solid brass snaps.


  • 2 1/4" wide
  • Attractive tongued duty belt
  • Made with the same quality materials as our Sam Browne
  • 10-12 ounce, drum dyed full grain English Bridle leather
  • Solid brass buckle available in 3 finishes
  • All belts have solid brass snaps
  • Shown in picture: Black basketweave
BOS-6570, BOS 6570, BOS6570, 6570

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