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Corona Kevlar Belt with Ladder Hook

Corona Kevlar Belt with Ladder Hook
Item# RT-701122HX
Regular price: $240.00
Sale price: $215.90
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The Corona Kevlar Belt with Ladder Hook, 26 - 32" is nothing just the Corona Fire Resistant Escape Belt with an integral ladder hook. The ladder hook is manufactured from high strength, alloy aluminum, and is highly preferred for use in ladders and platform. It is manufactured to perfection by being fit for situations where high temperature is to be encountered. It will stand heat and thus apt for fire rescue. The D strings are useful for carrying heavy entry tools. Manufactured of Kevlar brand fibers from Dupont and forged hardware retro-reflective striping.

Available Size:
  • 701122H 26inch-32inch
  • 701132H 34inch-56inch

  • Configuration  
    Belt Strength 6,000 lbs.
    Hook Strength 5,000 lbs.
    Weight 53.6 oz.
    Sizes 26 - 32", 34" - 56"
    RT-701122HX, RT701122HX, 701122HX RT-701122H, RT701122H, 701122H

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