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RescueTECH Corona Fire Resistant Escape Belt

RescueTECH Corona Fire Resistant Escape Belt
Item# RT-701122X
Sale Price Starts at:  $142.50
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Corona Fire Resistant Escape Belt

Designed to meet NFPA Class I Ladder / Escape Belt standards, the RescueTECH Corona Fire Resistant Escape Belt is an ideal pick for those high heat situations. It can be easily secured around the waist using the unique double locking snap hook, separate rigging D-Ring and "tail-less" adjuster. This fire resistant, lightweight escape belt is also capable of being used for carrying axes or forcible entry tools. It features two D-rings that slide along the belt to secure escape rope system. The retro-reflective striping is sewn on to aid better visibility.

Available Size:

  • 701122 - Small - 26inch-32inch
  • 701132 - Medium-Large - 34inch-56inch

Strength 6,000 lbs.
Weight 12 oz.
Waist SM (26" - 32"), M/L (34" - 56"), XL (44" - 68")
RT-701122X, RT701122X, 701122X, RT-701122, RT701122, 701122, RT-701132, RT701132, 701132

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