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DFX2 FlexForce Riot Suit with Stab Plate and Heavy Duty Bag

DFX2 FlexForce Riot Suit with Stab PlateDFX2 FlexForce Riot Suit with Stab Plate
DFX2 FlexForce Riot Suit with Stab PlateDFX2 FlexForce Riot Suit with Stab Plate
DFX2 FlexForce Riot Suit with Stab Plate
Item# AF-DFX2
Regular price: $635.00
Sale price: $509.90
DFX2 Body:  Forearm Guards:  Shin Guards:  Label:  Restriction:  Order Quantity:

Please note that we restrict these items from sale to the public and Ship Directly to Law Enforcement / Military Related Agencies Only. If you are authorized by an agency to purchase these items, please acknowledge this restriction upon making your selection above. If we require additional information such as credentials, we will contact you before filling your order. Thank you for your understanding and support.

DFX2 Riot Control Kit

Incorporates the DFX2 Imperial Elite Upper Body Protection System which is designed to provide substantial protection from blunt force trauma. Built for comfort and fit, the chest, shoulders, and back hard shell panels have a modular flex design allowing to fit comfortably without sacrificing much needed mobility. The chest portion of the suit offers the unique option of adding or removing the aluminum stab plate for additional protection. The back plate offers a raised portion in the center that protects the spine from blunt force injury. The TG40 thigh/groin protector features a Molle System on both thighs allowing the user to attach a holster, mag pouches, or molle pockets of any kind. The FA 30 forearm guard offers a much more comfortable elbow portion of the pad, which allows more flexibility. The knee/shin guard has a non-slip surface, which keeps you stationary when needed. Available in color black only.

DFX2 Includes The following Components:
  • DFX2: Imperial Elite Upper Body Protection System for exceptional protection
  • FA30: Hard Shell Forearm/Elbow Protectors for maximum protection
  • TG40: Thigh/Groin Protector with Left and Right Molle System
  • DSG100: Hard Shell Knee/Shin Guards with Non-slip knee caps
  • Tactical Equipment bag in Black. This pack will allow you to carry a complete suit, helmet, gloves, restraints, batons and so much more. Bag is made with 600 denier nylon with heavy duty zippers and contain shoulder strap and carry handle. Riot ready bag is ready when you need it.
  • Sizing:

    Suit sizes are based on chest size. Please use this chart to select the size for your suit.
    Size range (as measured by chest size). For the shin and forearm sizes please use the associated links above.

    • Medium / Large: 38”-46” (96.5 - 117 cm)
    • X-Large: 46”-54” (117 - 137 cm)
    • XX-Large / XXX-Large: 56 Plus (137+ cm)

    ****Please note Helmet and Gloves are not included with the Suit


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