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EMI Airway/Trauma Response System™ Pack

EMI Airway/Trauma Response System™ Pack
Item# EMI-879
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The EMI AIRWAY/TRAUMA RESPONSE SYSTEM™ Pack is a kit of compartments and storage containers that has been designed to carry all tools associated with airway/trauma response such as trauma equipment, intubation, airways, and oxygen. The compact, lightweight, and rugged kit is made with 1000 denier nylon. The kit has a detachable laryngoscope/airway panel that is fitted securely by velcro into the lid of the pack. The walls of the pack are encircled with a layer of Ľ” rigid foam rubber which is covered with a layer of softer foam for extra protection.

It has five clear bags that are removable, two large, 11" length x 3" width and three small 5 1 /2" length x 3" width. The pack has two additional mesh pockets and a large front zippered compartment. The “C” or “D” tanks are secured by two velcro straps and buckles. The oxygen can be carried in a separate drawstring carrying bag that has web carrying handles. The kit contains a star of life reflective emblem and a yellow reflective trim and measures 23" length x 12" width x 9" height. Kit does not contains any tools or instruments.

3-way Carrying System:
  • Tuck-Away Backpack Straps
  • 2" Web Carrying Handles
  • Top Carrying Handle
  • EMI-879, EMI879, 879

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