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Flashback Five Light Baton - Best Seller!

Flashback Five Light Baton - Best Seller!Flashback Five Light Baton - Best Seller!
Flashback Five Light Baton - Best Seller!Flashback Five Light Baton - Best Seller!
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The EMI 2010 has a five stage switch that provides red, blue, red/blue alternating, red/blue blend and a flashlight selection. The EMI 2080 is the same as teh 2010 but has and extended length of 19 inches total and more led lights. The EMI-2020 is the same as the 2010 but has the red/amber Color light. The EMI-2090 Illuminator includes the same features as the 2010 but also has a white light mode.

The 20 LED bulbs can be seen for up to 1 mile and provide 300 hours of continuous flashing. Can be used as a signal light, vehicle warning light (with its built in magnetic mount tailcap-placement can be anywhere on vehicle) or as an "on-the-scene" dash or deck light. Flashback Five's 360 degree of light dispersion ensures your visibility day or night, or in rain, fog or snow. Its body is made of high impact ABS plastic and operates up to 7 hours on 4 AA batteries. It has a non-slip textured grip with a built-in belt clip and wrist strap. Ideal for all police, EMS, fire and 1st responder personnel. Measures: 13 1/2" long. Weighs approx 1 lb.

SPECIAL - Also available in a 6 pack

  • EMI-2010 Flashback Five Red/Blue
  • EMI-2020 Flashback Five Red/Amber
  • EMI-2080 Flashback Five XL Red/Blue - 19 Inches Long
  • EMI-2090 Flashback Five Illuminator with Red/Blue/Solid White

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Flash Back Five Product Review

The EMI 2010 is a very popular safety warning light that is used by anyone who wants to get the immediate attention of persons in low light levels. These are used by racing teams, law enforcement , traffic control, security, highway crews, first responders, aviation support, utilities and others.

This product works and is highly visible for a very long distance in low light levels. The strobe effect is what separates this unit from other traffic wands. The unit has 4 functional modes as a traffic wand and an additional mode where the wand can be used as a low light flashlight.

Comfortable to use. When placed in your hand the unit feels balanced as the battery pack (holds 4 AA batteries) is in the handle end weighting it nicely. There is a five position switch right at your thumb (right handed) or index finger (left handed), which gives you the red, blue, red blue alternate, red blue combine, flashlight or solid white light (Illuminator Model 2090) and off modes. The switch does not have a safety feature and is not recessed. Therefore car should be taken when storing as accidental activation is possible.

There is also a belt clip molded into the handle which is very convenient and allows the users to hang it off their clothing. The belt clip does interfere with most left hand users as the thumb switch is not easily accessible, however this is averted by rotating the wand and using your index finger to activate the switch. Another carry option is the built in lanyard tethered to the handle which fits right over your wrist. Another very nice feature is the magnetic end cap. This is built into the handle when the wand in placed on a flat metal surface it is very convenient for holding the wand in place from any position. The magnet is protected in plastic and will not damage vehicle paint.

The flashlight is great for close up work such as reading documents and inspecting confined spaces but the light is not intense for long distance throw. The flashlight consists of a single high output white LED emitting from a highly polished reflector. The new model Fashback Illuminator 2090 introduces a white light mode this is the same mode as the flashlight mode. All the white lights are lit up in this mode including the flashlight tip. In this mode the white light is solid and does not strobe.

The array of colored LEDs are encased in a cylindrical magnifying prism like reflector and are programmed to strobe around 20 times a second. This super strobe effect is then pulsed on and off 2 times per second in all modes but flashlight and red blue combine. The red - blue combine pulses does not have the 2 times per second interval and flashes continuously. Great visibility with so many signaling options.

Although made of high impact plastic, we did not perform any destructive testing or subject them to any kind of impact. Therefore these should not be used as an impact weapon or baton

The bottom line: A great value, with excellent options and long battery life, there is no reason not to have one in every vehicle.

2010, 2090, 2020, 2080, EMI-20X0, EMI 20X0, EMI20X0, 20X0

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