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General Purpose Manikins - Ruth Lee

General Purpose Manikins - Ruth Lee

The General Purpose training dummies by Ruth Lee are our most popular models for the common rescue scenarios such as working at height, confined space, USAR, RTA etc and general handling exercises. They are weighted to produce an anatomically correct weight distribution and the 'feel' of an unconscious patient.

Crucially, these training dummies totally eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising being inflicted on trainees, a common injury when using plastic bodied dummies which usually have hard limb joints - for example when a hard knee joint folds over the forearm of a trainee. Our training dummies have soft outer layers and have no hard joints - in fact you can forcibly wrap a knee joint around a trainees forearm with no risk of injury.

General Purpose - Fire Rescue /  Duty Range Manikins
Sale Price Starts at:  $320.10
General Purpose PLUS Training Manikin - Ruth Lee
Regular price: $1,525.00
Sale price: $1,479.25
Shoutbox General Purpose Manikin
Sale Price Starts at:  $1,891.50

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