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Junkin Evacuation Chair, Extended Handles

Junkin Evacuation Chair, Extended Handles
Item# JK-JSA-800-EH
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Sale price: $845.90
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Junkin Evacuation Chair, Extended Handles is designed for use in confined and restrictive spaces. Ideal for use in restaurants, high-rise office buildings, airplanes, boats, narrow hallways and stairwells. 2" standard automotive-style patient restraint straps included with each chair. Green vinyl covers are made of 18 oz. antibacterial material and are fungus and rot resistant for long-lasting durability and easy cleanup. Handle Fully Extended is 41""

Dimensions: 35-1/4"" H x 20-3/4"" W x 27-1/4"" D

Sku: JSA-800-EH, 800-EH, 800EH, RT-2026800EH, RT 2026800EH

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