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Kong Victor Harness - CLEARANCE

Kong Victor Harness - CLEARANCEKong Victor Harness - CLEARANCE
Kong Victor Harness - CLEARANCEKong Victor Harness - CLEARANCE
Item# KG-8C0031000KK-C
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Kong Victor Harness

The Kong Victor Harness has a lightweight and durable designed that has been conceived for mountaineering and climbing activities. The multipurpose design makes it suitable for all weather conditions and topographies. The harness has been fitted with 3 buckles 1 on the waist and 2 on the legs, to help users adjust the size according to their convenience and safety requirements.

This Harness features wide and breathable padding on both the leg loops and waist belt to provide maximum comfort during prolonged suspending. It also has 4 wide gear loops that help climbers attach their equipment safely. The harness is available in multiple size options to choose from.

Recommended for:

Sport Activities: Mountaineering, Climbing, Snow & Ice


  • Equipped with 4 Wide Gear Loops
  • Multipurpose Model
  • Wide and Breathable Padding on Both The Leg Loops and Waist Belt
  • Lightweight and Durable Design

Part No.WeightSizeWaist SizeLegs Size
8C0031000KK430g (15.17oz.)XS65/75cm (26/30in)46/50cm (18/20in)
8C0032000KK440g (15.52oz.)S70/80cm (28/31in)50/54cm (20/21in)
8C0033000KK450g (15.87oz.)M75/85cm (30/33in)54/58cm (21/23in)
8C0034000KK460g (16.23oz.)L80/90cm (31/35in)58/62cm (23/24in)
8C0035000KK470g (16.58oz.)XL85/95cm (33/37in)62/66cm (24/26in)

Certification Information:

    CE EN 12277/C

Click Here To Download: Data Sheet

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KG-8C0031000KK, KG-8C0032000KK, KG-8C0033000KK, KG-8C0034000KK, KG-8C0035000KK, KG 8C0031000KK, KG 8C0032000KK, KG 8C0033000KK, KG 8C0034000KK, KG 8C0035000KK, 8C0031000KK, 8C0032000KK, 8C0033000KK, 8C0034000KK, 8C0035000KK, KG8C0031000KK, KG8C0032000KK, KG8C0033000KK, KG8C0034000KK, KG8C0035000KK

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