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Blackhawk Commando Recon Back Panel

Blackhawk Commando Recon Back Panel
Item# BH-37CL86BKX
Sale Price Starts at:  $65.45
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The Blackhawk Commando Recon Back Panel comes designed for use with either the S.T.R.I.K.E. commando recon chest harness or S.T.R.I.K.E. enhanced commando recon harness for a full front and back rig. This lightweight back panel features 500 denier CORDURA nylon (MultiCam) or 500 denier ripstop nylon construction. This unique structure is not only capable of lasting with you through a lifetime of rugged usage, but it is very comfortable to wear as well.

The commando back panel comes equipped with a heavy-duty drag handle for carrying ease. It has got dual-adjust side-release buckles for allowing you to make quick fit adjustments. This back panel also has multiple rows of S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing to let you attach accessories, pouches, or holsters for carrying your gear conveniently. The Blackhawk Commando Recon Back Panel has accommodation space for ballistic ceramic plates too.


  • STRIKE webbing over entire back panel
  • Reinforced heavy duty drag handle
  • Dual adjust side release buckles for increased fit adjustment

Weight & Size:

Small / Medium

  • Holds 9.5 x 12 BLACKHAWK! Level IV plate
  • Weighs only 12 ounces

Large / X-Large

  •  Holds 10.5 x 13.25 BLACKHAWK! Level IV plate
  • Weighs only 14 ounces

Available Options:

  • BH-37CL86BK - Black-Large/X-Large
  • BH-37CL85BK - Black-Small/Medium
  • BH-37CL86CT - Coyote Tan-Large/X-Large
  • BH-37CL85CT - Coyote Tan-Small/Medium
  • BH-37CL85MC - Multi Cam-Small/Medium

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