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Laerdal Nursing Anne Basic Female Manikin

Laerdal Nursing Anne Basic Female Manikin
Item# NAS-LG02040
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Laerdal Nursing Anne Basic Female Manikin

The Laerdal Nursing Anne Basic Female Manikin is meant for the development of in-hospital professionals. It is designed to give a realistic experience during scenario-based training for care and management of a wide range of in-hospital patients. Nursing Anne works brilliantly and is highly flexible, efficient, and effective in training for women’s health, wound assessment and care, obstetrics, post-mortem and general patient assessment.

It has a durable, rugged, and life-like design that can withstand years of use. Its flexible platform allows multiple accessory modules to be added for use in multiple clinical settings. The head features anatomical landmarks, esophagus, trachea and simulated lungs & stomach. A Female Wound Care Assessment Set comes included with the manikin.


  • NG tube insertion care, medication administration and removal; gastric lavage and gavage.
  • Tracheostomy care and tracheal suctioning.
  • Articulating IV training arm allows peripheral intravenous therapy with IV bolus or push injection. Venipuncture possible in the antecubital fossa or dorsum of hand.
  • Optional mastectomy Module can be used to practice postsurgical mastectomy care procedures.
  • Interchangeable genitalia with connectors & urinary and colon reservoirs facilitate urologic care procedures and gastrointestinal procedures.

Patient Care:

  • Head with anatomical landmarks, trachea, and esophagus, along with simulated lungs and stomach, allow the practice of many procedures
  • Irrigation of the eye and ear (simulated)
  • Application/instillation of medications in the eye, ear and nose including nasal packing
  • Mouth and denture care procedures
  • Insertion and suctioning of oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways
  • Insertion, securing, and care of endotracheal tubes
  • Tracheostomy care and tracheal suctioning
  • Various oxygen delivery procedures
  • NG tube insertion, care, medication administration, and removal
  • Gastric lavage and gavage
  • Subclavian, jejunostomy and Hickman catheter openings (placement only)
  • Manually generated carotid pulse
  • Deltoid, dorsogluteal, and vastus lateralis IM injections possible
  • Full range of motion for realistic patient handling
  • Interchangeable stomas depict colostomy, ileostomy and suprapubic cystotomy
  • Colostomy may be irrigated and will retain an indwelling catheter
  • Fingers and toes are spread to allow bandaging

Interchangeable Male and Female Genitalia:

  • Complete urinary catheterization
  • Can be attached to urinary and colon reservoirs via connector valves
  • Female genitalia capable of vaginal douching
  • Will retain indwelling or straight catheter
  • Enema procedures may be performed using fluid for realistic return
  • When used with manikin, fluid may be used for realistic return
  • Urinary valves give the natural resistance felt when catheterizing
  • Anal valves simulate the internal anal sphincter

Circulatory Skills and IV Drug Administration:

  • Articulating IV training arm with replaceable skin and infusible vein system allows peripheral intravenous therapy and site care
  • Venipuncture possible in the antecubital fossa and dorsum of the hand
  • Accessible veins include median, basilic and cephalic


  • Heart sounds synchronized with programmable ECG
  • Auscultated lung sounds synchronized with breathing rate, 0 - 60 BPM
  • Individual lung or bilateral sound selection
  • Normal or abnormal bowel sounds
  • Vocal sounds – computer-generated sounds, mixed with voice input (via microphone sold separately)

Heart Sounds:

  • Aortic Stenosis
  • Friction Rub
  • Austin Flint Murmur
  • Diastolic Murmur Mi Stenosis
  • Systolic Murmur
  • Mitral Valve Prolapse
  • Normal Heart Sounds – Apex
  • Opening Snap Msec
  • Ventricular Septal Defect
  • Atrial Septal Defect
  • Pulmonary Stenosis
  • Stills Murmur
  • Normal Heart Sounds

Lung Sounds:

  • Coarse Crackles
  • Fine Crackles
  • Normal Breath Sounds
  • Pneumonia
  • Stridor
  • Wheeze
  • Pleural Rub
  • Rhonchi

Blood Pressure / Pulses:

  • Articulating blood pressure arm for auscultated and palpated blood pressure simulation
  • Korotkoff sounds synchronized with ECG
  • Korotkoff sounds volume control in 10 steps, 0-9
  • Systolic and diastolic pressure may be set individually in steps of 2mmHG
  • Systolic 0-300mmHG, Diastolic 0-300 mmHG
  • Auscultative Gap, with on/off feature
  • Pressure accuracy +/- 4mmHG
  • Calibrate function to adjust pressure sensor and cuff gauge
  • Palpated pulse simulator controls brachial and radial pulses
  • Pulses only active when palpated
  • Pulses synchronized with programmable ECG
  • Pulse strengths dependent on Blood Pressure

Vocal Sounds:

  • Cough
  • Vomit
  • Moan
  • Scream
  • SOB Breathing
  • Yes
  • No
  • Hiccup (infant)
  • Cry (infant)


  • 1 Adult Female Full-Body Manikin
  • 1 Female Multi-Venous IV Training Arm-Left
  • 1 Male Genitalia
  • 1 Female Genitalia
  • 3 Urinary Connector Valves
  • 3 Anal Connector Valves
  • 4 Clamps
  • 1 100cc Slip Tip Syringe
  • 1 Can Manikin Lubricant
  • 1 Hospital Gown
  • Directions for Use

Bowel Sounds:

  • Borborygmus
  • Fetal Tones
  • Hyperactive Bowel
  • Hypoactive Bowel
  • Normal Bowel
NAS-LG02040U, NAS LG02040U, NASLG02040U, LG02040U, NAS-LG02040, NAS LG02040, NASLG02040, LG02040, 325-20050, 325 20050, 32520050

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