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Life/Form CPR Pocket Mask (5 Pack) SALE

Life/Form CPR Pocket Mask (5 Pack) SALE
Item# NAS-LF06946U-5
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Available as a Discounted 5 Pack Only

Pocket Mask

The Life/Form Pocket Mask is the perfect soft cushion mask that offers a secure seal. Used by the professional rescuer and the first responders, this pocket mask features one-way valve and filter that helps to protect these rescuers. It has a clear dome that lets the responder check on the patientís lip color and secretions.

The Life/Form Pocket Mask is designed in a manner that makes it wearable by infants, children and adults. It is made from sturdy and durable plastic making it usable for a long time. Also easy to clean, this pocket mask features a head strap and a strong but compact carrying case. A safe, effective, and suitable way to administer CPR, this pocket mask is ready to use and latex free

NAS-LF06946U, NASLF06946U, LF06946U

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