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Tekk Radio Belt Clips

Tekk Radio Belt Clips
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The Tekk Radio Belt Clips work best with most of the two way radios. They can easily be adjusted to belts with different widths. Made from high quality metal, this radio belt clip is very durable and sturdy. Featuring a practical design, it helps you to easily carry and protect your radios. This versatile replacement belt clip for can be attached securely at the waist to allow convenient and hands-free access to Tekk portable radios.

Replacement Belt Clips for Tekk Portable Radios

  • CL-1000 Belt Clip for XU / XV Radios
  • CL-200 Belt Clip for Pro-80, Pro-90, NT Radios
  • CL-500 Belt Clip for X-500 radio
  • CL-600 Belt Clip for X-600 radio
  • CL-700 Belt Clip for X-700 radio
  • DCL-30 Belt Clip for D-30
XCL-800, CL-1000, CL-200, CL-800, Armour-Clip

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